Interview: Margaret Stolte by Ali Lange

Interview: Margaret Stolte by Ali Lange In 1992, poet and activist Zoe Leonard wrote the controversial poetic essay “I want a president” in support of third party presidential candidate, Eileen Myles. Leonard promoted the idea of democratically elected government  as a true reflection of its constituents, as opposed to the traditionally elite, mostly white, mostly … Continue reading Interview: Margaret Stolte by Ali Lange

Rockhaven Sanitarium by Larissa Nickel

Larissa Nickel- hand painted image, superimposed on vintage wallpaper, Rockhaven Sanitarium, 2017. Photo by Linda Ravenswood. Rockhaven Sanitarium was opened in 1923 by psychiatric nurse Agnes Richards for women with “mild mental and nervous disorders.” Located in Northern Glendale, California, the Friends of Rockhaven are working with artists and donors to educate the public on … Continue reading Rockhaven Sanitarium by Larissa Nickel