Core beliefs

Our Core Beliefs about Publishing
From The Los Angeles Press 2020

Publishing is a noble art form
because good literature produces joy and inspiration

Publishing inspires artists to keep moving forward in pursuit of their dreams

Publishing an artists work helps them heal from trauma
because Publishing concretizes steps taken on a journey of memory and analysis

Publishing an artists journey creates a roadmap for others

Publishing is a benefit to the community
by manifesting steps towards recovery, reclamation, solidarity and/in diversity

Publishing a book can be a sacred act
because a book chronicles a path made by a human being to connect to self,
others, and the world

Publishing is a form of social justice

Publishing writers who have never been published or who have been under-
represented  in Publishing changes the world and shifts power from
traditionally held regimes

Publishing helps people live to their highest frequency

Publishing is a direct retaliation against erasure


The Los Angeles Press
against erasure
EIC Linda Ravenswood

@thelosangelespress @bespokepoets


Korean translation

로스앤젤레스 프레스의 2020년 보도자료
출판에 대한 우리의 신념입니다.
출판은 고귀한 예술 형태입니다
좋은 문학은 기쁨과 영감을 우리에게 선사하기 때문입니다.
출판은 예술가들이 더 꿈을 향해 앞으로 나갈 수 있도록  영감을 줍니다
예술가 작품의 출판은 외상을 치료하는데 도움이 됩니다.
출판은 기억과 분석의 여정을 구체화하기 때문 입니다.
예술가 작품을 통해 사람들은 자신의 새로운 길에 대한 영감을 갖고 만들어 봅니다.
또한 출판은 지역 사회에 이익이 됩니다
출판을 통해 우리는 회복되고, 진실을 알게되고, 서로에게 연대감을 갖고
서로의 다양성을 알고자 함께 노력하기 때문입니다.
책을 출판하는 것은 신성한 행위가 될 수 있습니다
책을 통하여 우리는 자기 자신, 다른 사람, 그리고 세계와 연결되기 때문입니다.
출판은 사회 정의의 한 형태입니다
그것은 출판된 적이 없거나 충분히 알려지지 않은 작가의 작품 또한 출판하기 때문입니다.
출판은 세상을 변화시키고 전통적으로 정권에서 힘을 이동시킵니다
출판은 사람들이 가장 높은 이상에서 살도록 도와줍니다
출판은 삭제에 대한 반대를 출판으로 보여 주는 것입니다.
로스앤젤레스 프레스

삭제에 반대하며
EIC 린다 레이븐스우드

Translation by Tanya Ko Hong

Tanya Ko Hong (Hyonhye) is a poet, translator, and cultural-curator who champions bilingual poetry and poets. Born and raised in Suk Su Dong, South Korea, she immigrated to the U.S. at the age of eighteen. She is the author of five books: The War Still Within (KYSO Flash Press, 2019); Mother to Myself, a collection of poems in Korean (Prunsasang Press, 2015); Yellow Flowers on a Rainy Day (Oma Books of the Pacific, 2003); Mother’s Diary of Generation 1.5 (Qumran, 2002); and Generation 1.5 (Korea: Esprit Books, 1993).

Her poetry appears in Rattle, Beloit Poetry Journal, Entropy, Cultural Weekly, WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly (published by The Feminist Press), Lunch Ticket, great weather for MEDIA, Califragile, the Choson Ilbo, The Korea Times, Korea Central Daily News, and the Aeolian Harp Series Anthology, among others.

Tanya’s work has won the Yun Doon-ju Korean-American Literature Award, was a finalist in Frontier’s Chapbook Contest, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. In 2015, her segmented poem, “Comfort Woman,” received an honorable mention from the Women’s National Book Association. Her poems have been translated into Korean, Japanese, and Albanian. In 2015 and 2018, she became the first person to translate and publish Arthur Sze’s poems in Korean.

Tanya is a Ph.D. student in Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and holds an MFA degree from Antioch University in Los Angeles and a Sociology degree from Biola University in La Mirada. She lives in southern California with her husband and three children.

Author’s website: