About the Press

The Los Angeles Press publishes the best in art & literature from established & emerging artists, historians & political discoursers, from Southern California, the West, & Beyond.

We’re committed to uplifting  & focusing on Voices Yet Heard, including Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, as well as traditionally under-represented & marginalized artists & writers.

The Los Angeles Press is a Print and Online Publishing House & Imprint, first introduced by The Los Angeles Review of Books and the LARB/USC Publishing Cohort. We are devoted to community engagement, and to the pursuit of social, economic, and environmental justice.

Our projects include:

  • Poetry
  • Performance Texts
  • Hybrid Genres
  • History
  • Feminist Literature
  • Fiction
  • Politics
  • Interviews
  • Literary Translation & Multilingual Texts
  • Visual Art including performance art, painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, mixed-media, graphic narratives & comics

Note on Literary Translation:

Submission should include original work along with translation. We request a statement granting permission to publish both the original work & translation online, certifying you received permission from the original rights holder (either the publisher or the author, as applicable) to grant such rights.

Legal Rights:

The Los Angeles Press retains first North American serial rights of work published, to produce, reproduce, distribute, & market. All other remaining rights revert to the author upon publication. If the work is published again, we ask for a credit to indicate that work first appeared in The Los Angeles Press. We encourage submissions from all artists with connection to this place in the West.