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V7 / The Sacred

V7 The Los Angeles Press Edited by Linda Ravenswood With visual art, poetry, essay from Malado Francine, Bayley Sprowl, Kayleigh Metviner Zaloga, Elya Braden, Anna Talhami, Henry Cherry, Jacqueline Suskin, Cindy Rinne, L Bogner, The Micky’s WeHo Slam / Top 4 Poets, Alex Dark, Marquesha Babers, Raul Herrera, Marcos James, Paolo Gambi, Erin Jourdan Berrios, Nailah Porter, Jon Pearson, Brian Sonia Wallace, Aubrey Yarborough, Jackie Braje, Yvonne Estrada, Ben Simmonds, Jessie Lian, Christina Cha cover by Paulo Gambi, Ravenna, 2022




The George Floyd Poetry Anthology


the quietest of wonders by Morgan Alise


Overheard in LA Zine 1


Overheard in LA Zine 2


Volume 4


Marx Mask


Narcissist’s Survival Blanket


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Chelsea Rector, Broadside, 2018


Mikeas Sanchez Broadside