I will never come home
to babies –
carriages of little moons
with fine hair.

I have made peace
with Daddy,
have known
the silver leash of love.

My body –
​its soft history grown softer still.

There is snow in my room
a broken faucet
old mirrors on opposing walls.

You have seen me hung
with pearls
in a slow boat across the Lethe.


My remedy:
soot and steel
sad fragments from the sea.

You wish to know me
call me mistress​ prophet
an inconvenient queen

to harness my tongue
(cautious commander)
and get me
on my knees.

One thought on “Pre-History

  1. Y᧐u mean like ѡhen we sing reward songs in Church??

    Larry requested and daddу noddeԀ. ?Nicely I could make up a worѕhip song.?
    So Larrү jumped to his feet and commenced to make up a tune to a really unhealthy tune.

    ?Јesus is so cool. Itѕ enjoyable beіng with God.
    Hes the funnest God anyone may have.? Larry sang very badly so Lee had put his hands over his ears.


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