Chelsea Rector

Sonnet for Perfect Blue

She is based
On an error of the world,
A world apart

A master of feelings
Which one does not master
A sister, a mother, a mouth
I will not make this easy for you…

A pleasure mixed
With pain
A pleasure that comes From pain

Her images,
The inadequacy,
A sign of the power of ideas




Perfect Blue

She is boney
She has pitch and antennae
She sees beets and thinks blood
She solarises the plexus

A harness in the shape of a pentagram
The throat is yellow-gold
The heart is perfect blue

She lets beats humble Brain is walnut
The donut is loss
She has a black dress
She has a red coat

Blood is blue in the body
The body is the final world
Her last words will be wavelengthed

She is boney because that is closer to death
She packs a bag of old bad habits
She is sober now

Sober is a form of waste
There are so many hours
Invented a Theremin
She has pitch
Her song is ghost
She can cause blindness
She peels open the electromagnetic spectrum
Open blood and blue to red
She says, you were born for a reason

Reason is a ghost
Walnut is brain
Rust is a sign of air


Chelsea Rector is a Los Angeles based poet and performer. She has worked in experimental theater in starring roles, with companies such as the Godawfful National Theater Company and Medium Judith. In 2018 she co-founded P/Sicho Street Theater Company with Jeremy Kennedy. Her essay “IMMER WIEDER UND SO WEITER” is included in the book Cry List (Rebel Hands Press, June, 2019).

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