Wandering Jew In Quarantine

Project concept Linda Ravenswood

Poets include Linda Ravenswood, Diana Dinerman, Badly Licked Bear

This project is called The Wandering Jew, (Latinx Quarantine Version). It links to the idea of the cosmic and terrestrial wandering human, let’s call them / us the genus species Judaica (europeansis latinicus).

End result for presentation is a short edited and filmed hybrid / documentary movie. (Approximate running time unknown.)

The piece harkens to the spirit of all people who venture out — from home, to home, coming-in from deep waters, following a dream, following a vision. It is especially poignant during times of global pandemic, hiding, scarcity, impoverishment, racism and ghettoization, physical, emotional, and  spiritual limitations or challenges — when movement is strained or blocked or forbidden. In other words, the piece has an everyday urgency and relevance.

The project attempts to link us together in the cherished web of the Ecocene. It imagines worlds within our world — and relies on imagination, fantasy, projection and forward thinking. The project centers on hope, and the eternal idea that things will get better and that we will share in that new world.

The project — a live/recorded visual and cinematic installation — involves mapping and takes into consideration technological and social advancements namely, the post office, UPS, home delivery services, and tech services like Zoom and the Internet in general.

The work involves interactive, handmade maps — from La Paz, Baja California ( or Lower California) and from Los Angeles, California — Alta California (or Upper California).  The maps will be unboxed, assembled, worked, and discussed live and recorded  on Zoom. Other interviews might be conducted and edited into the final film. The film is in English, Ladino, and Spanish, with supertitles.

Some Materials include —

anthropological data – maps, texts, photographs
map of Southern California,map of Baja California,
easels, and sturdy vertical presentation devices
tape and wall hangings hardware,
ink markers,
standing lights,
mic stands

Locations include —

Los Angeles
La Paz
La Ribera
UNESCO site cave paintings BCS, México


The piece focuses specifically on poets and artists and two cousins who explain their cities, regions and histories to one another. Using maps the other has made and sent from their country or region, family circuits are revealed, dating all the way back to the so-called conquest of Mexico by Cortes, and the intersecting attributes and history of manifest destiny across the face of the continent. The project involves the unboxing of the maps, the assembly of the maps, and ecoutrements, and the set up of the ways and means to express the wandering, the stuckness, the breakages, routes to home, routes to work, ways of contact with plague through the centuries, ancestral homelands, hiding, genocide, colonialism, colorism, privilege.