the quietest of wonders by Morgan Alise

Though the pandemic temporarily shuttered some of our publishing projects, namely the reproduction of our wonderful journals in greater quantities, and our awards ceremony for The George Floyd Prize in Poetry, it did allow for a few publishing projects to move forward.

With excitement, we present the first of our full length poetry books, the quietest of wonders by Morgan Alise.

The publication of this book of poetry & visual art honors a few of our goals at The Los Angeles Press — to uplift and promote the work of BIPOC and historically under-represented artists. Morgan Alise is a young, gifted, African-American woman. We’re so happy to partner with her.

Find her full length collection here, online, and in bookstores in May 2021. Purchasing info and shipping details here — Click for details!

the quietest of wonders

the quietest of wonders by Morgan Alise $21.99 (includes USPS domestic shipping and handling)