Re-imagined flight for a wheeled movement



AL Brody is an artist from Los Angeles, California.

Her works draw from the history of art: the flowing shapes of Art Nouveau, the embellishments of the Victorians and the line quality of Klimt and Schiele. Her mobility sculptures are conceived with a commitment to social justice and are inspired by the spirit of scientific discovery. They are meant to encourage conversation and to inspire radical rethinking of the meanings of disability and adaptive aids.

Brody sculpts for the human body and its vehicles. She has 30 years of professional costume making, designing, and teaching experience. These experiences gave her the skills she needed to turn wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility scooters into sculptural works of art. Her mobility art started in 2009, when she re-imagined her first wheelchair for a friend for a show with Cannibal Flower. Her artworks have been shared by Frances Anderton on NPR and on The Improvised Life. She develops and curates Opulent Mobility, a group exhibit that re-imagines disability as opulent and powerful.