Raven Bounds

Raven Bounds, poetry


I can feel summer slinking off her playful
nature and fading softly into the distance.
her birdsong and sweet jasmine breeze
still keep the creatures here in a trance.
eyes blazing wildly as we divulge in song & dance.
my soul aches as I watch all that I love die,
in order for fall to make his grand entrance.
-cotton & lace



mother moon heals me.
breathes her eternal
wisdom into my bones.
reminds me that I am
the wanderer & the home.
tells me that fear breeds anxiety.
suggests that I speak up, even
if I’m made a mockery.
shows me that growth can
sometimes feel like insanity.

moon song

Acceptance transforms a
tragedy into an opportunity.

stained glass



tables turned and I found myself
at the head rather than the foot.
the output could be astounding
if it mirrors the input.




pretty girl with the permanent grin.
we’ve bought into her story a thousand times
yet still purchase it over & over again.
who says that the girl with the tear-stained face
doesn’t have something more important to say?
our society hails illusions of being put together.
I say we embrace even the darkest of weather.

land of unreality

hummingbird kissed summer;
season of chasing dragonflies
and finding new lovers.
fireflies seducing light like no other.
unknown territories just waiting
to be discovered.

pomegranates & honeysuckle



Raven Bounds is a writer and focuses on poetry involving emotions, rejection, and mental health. Her poems embody a haunting theme that is apparent in nearly all of her work. When she isn’t writing, she devotes her time to her career in the financial industry. As much as she loves numbers, words are her true passion. Her personal life has inspired her writing and she uses her pain as a catapult to create beauty.