Rachel Leigh

flower boy.


dear flower boy,
speak to me in your language,
gift petals of poetry,
tenderly caress from a distance…
a prelude to voluptuous sensuality.
elastic illustrious hearts pounding
leads to fantasies of
mouths stretching around minds
little windows of poetic illumination
uncovering darling details of decadence
decoding ancient prophecies, bloodlines && oddities.
unattachment to psychosis-deemed needs
that tend to torture the masses.
bringing intimacy artist to their knees —
begging the immortals for mercy,
for permission
to be wild && connected.
who are we to speak on what material reality really means?
living now & what had seemed to be just a technicolored pipedream
Honey, share your stories.
Sweetie, let me listen to thee.
Darling, we just met && now we’re swapping
attempting to encapsulate this mystical enchantment with
…our tongues, our fingers…
obligatory sins begin at the corners of these smiles –
sweat drips, pen drips
sensation saturation
evoking mature eagerness
for dreamers
daring the hearts
each time you articulate I crave to dine on your words.
seductive intentions holding regenerative powers
transcending science & art & boundaries of skin
to live fundamentally poetic.


Rachel Leigh is a poetess, playformer  & intimacy activist residing in Berkeley, California.  She is the producer and Madam of the Poetry Brothel Bay Area Chapter, an immersive literary cabaret affiliated with The Poetry Society of New York.  She is part of a musical duo mylk && honey, where she showcases poetry through melodic musings alongside her bestie.  Rachel’s social activism project The Lemon Aid Stand, featured at festivals & public spaces, is a platform for honest human connection.  Her published work may be viewed in Open Color Magazine and now, The Los Angeles Press.