Gabriella Mazza

Gabriella Mazza is an Italian-born visual artist and performer based in Brooklyn, New York. She is a professional translator and interpreter speaking five living languages and a bunch of dead ones. 

Although mostly self-taught, Gabriella studied at SVA, Cooper Union, and the NY Academy of Art and was recently selected for a solo show at the School of Visual Arts’ ContinuED Project Space. She has exhibited her work at the LIC Arts Open Galleries at the Factory, Departure Studios, and the Greenpoint Gallery. She is active in the local arts community and is the organizer of LIC Gallery Nights, a gallery crawl of Long Island City art galleries and museums. She is a member of Paradice Palase, a membership-based curatorial project in Ridgewood, Queens. 

Her artwork taps into the badass, glamorous, unapologetic power of women, using an explosive, vibrant palette and pop-like imagery. She stereotypically likes cannoli and pizza, but does not play the mandolin. For regular updates visit @gabriellamazza_arte.