Franziska Goralski

Franziska Goralski, Introduction: The Department for Potentiality to Act


Franziska Goralski is an artist based in Amsterdam. She graduated with a Fine Arts diploma in Germany and continues her education at Sandberg Instituute Amsterdam for her Master’s Degree.

Her artistic approach is transdisciplinary, often research based and concept driven. She is interested in mental figures, complexity, feminist interventions, erasing categories, food, and institutional critic.

Since 2016, Franziska works together with Anna Erdmann as the artistic duo die Blaue Distanz (the blue distance). In their artistic work they are interested in queer ways of living and learning, lesbian realities, (digital) feminist perspectives, how to share knowledge, and what visibility means in hierarchical structures like the current politics. They explore the influence of role models like stereotypes on the
construction of female* identity in images. In 2018 they spent half a year in Los Angeles to research their current main subject “Power of Place“.