Erica Ryan Stallones

performance documentation, writing, ephemera

These images and texts are from Act III: The Solar Set – wherein energy begets harmony,excerpted from the 2016 solo exhibition – The Box Set – a series of 4 performance-based installations about “the quality of quantity” or the numbers 1-4. 

The material include text, scene direction/description of the event, performance documentation (photo), a snippet of the musical score, and photo.

The Solar Set

The lights are dimmed. A drone-based ambient arrangement begins to play as three light  panels are set up equidistant several feet in front of the new painting, but not turned on.  Four dancers retrieve their costumes from primary-colored garment bags and retreat to  the back room to change. Beverages are offered and viewers interact with the painting. 

1. After about 15 minutes, the music changes abruptly and the volume is increased.  One dancer in red emerges and turns on the center light panel as the crowd begins  to rearrange itself along the back wall. 

2. Scene 1: Cardinal Energy, a solo dance piece, commences. The dancer switches  off the center light as she exits. 

3. Two dancers (one male, one female) in blue emerge, turning on the two outer  lights as they enter, marking the beginning of Scene II: Fixed (or Resisting)  Energy. The lights remain on at the end of this piece. 

4. A fourth (or third, depending on how you’re counting) dancer enters in yellow,  turns the center light back on, and performs Scene III: Mutable Energy. This dancer will interact directly with the audience. 

5. At the end of the three dance sections, the drone element of the sound piece rises  in volume as the three light panels remain lit at full strength. This may become  uncomfortable for the viewers. 6. The lights and sound are all cut simultaneously, leaving the gallery dark and  silent. When the lights are turned back on, the referees are already returning the  painting and props to the crate to make way for Act IV: The Farm Set.