Elyse Hart


cobbled, vertical–Amalfi
i’ve lived something like here before
there was ocean and beach
boutiques and galleries
galleries, beach

when there was nothing left to see
we fled the shore
hopping choppy waves

ancient as dirt, Roma
streets twisted and narrow like twine
amid the shops and people
there were statues and fountains,

fountains, gelato
the Vatican! the chapel, the basilica…
when the shock of majesty wore off
i said, how queer it is
this opulence, this gilt,
this guilt.
you didn’t care for that.

when there seemed nothing left to do
we went to sleep
dreamless, backs turned
by the morning, we drove for San Donato
there were roads and trees
as far as the eye could see
roads and trees
roads and trees


Elyse Hart is a member at Beyond Baroque and a regular attendee of the Wednesday night poetry workshop there. Her poetry has been published by the Los Angeles Poetry Society and TheNervousBreakdown.com. She writes personalized ”poems on demand” for anyone who wants one and publishes them on Instagram. She also posts darkly-themed micropoems for short attention spans there as well. When not writing poetry, she writes music.



IG Poetry: @elysehartpoetry
Twitter: @to_stardust
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