Brian Sonia Wallace

LA Boy Takes a Road Trip Through the Midwest

The sun hangs low on the horizon
dappled yellow light through the trees
on an overgrown country road.

I unzip my fly
jack off in a rented minivan
in Illnois – I’m just passing through.

Toggle between his nudes on my phone
to release at last into the lid
of a Cracker Barrel to-go cup.

I send him pictures: forensic evidence
as a cicada beats at the window
and the robin, who perched for a moment behind me,

is suddenly gone.
in all caps, but I’ve got a full tank.

Right on to Rt. 37,
left onto 64,
and on to Missouri.

But first – I pause
to empty my sweet tea bladder
into a corn field.

Brian Sonia-Wallace is the author of I Sold These Poems, Now I Want Them Back (Yak Press, 2016) and a forthcoming book of essays from Harper Collins. He is the founder of RENT Poet, a company that brings poets on typewriters to events, a UCLA guest lecturer in Poetry and Performance, and the winner of unusual residencies ranging from Amtrak Trains to the Mall of America. More at: