Aruni Wijesinghe 

Curvy Girl Ghazal

Imagined burden of strolling the world with thick thighs.

Haters trolling as I go rolling by, “My, my, those epic thighs.”

Magazine girls, skinny legs and pouts are out. Mad Avenue claims

junky trunk dames take up too much space with their sick thighs.

In the club I take my turn, music churns, dance floor burns. Skirt flares wide,

salsa stride, tempo’s side-to-side of tock-tick thighs.

On the track, pumping arms, runner’s charms as I sprint straights, 

round the curves, slow pokes swerve, easy breeze of quick thighs.

Boys skulk the halls, sloe eyes and cat-calls, try to strip my flair bare.

Ignore the snark, can’t dim my spark, they sigh for my slick thighs.

Strut down the town, brown girl lays the fragile world to waste.

Reprise alibis, won’t apologize for the prize size of my thick thighs.